Ticket Lobby Improvements at Lihue Airport

Shioi Construction, Inc. (SCI) and Creative Partition Systems (CPS) were contracted to complete the Ticket Lobby Improvements at Lihue Airport. Improvements comprised of filling in four garden areas and building four new structural steel canopies, new seating, additional ceiling fans, and updated lighting and mechanical fixtures. Construction began in August 2020, and was substantially completed in April 2022. Similar to many of our projects, government shut downs and material delivery delays related to COVID-19 impeded the progress of the contract.

SCI’s scope of work included slab demolition, re-piping underground drain lines, metal roofing, connecting existing gutters to the new drain system, new concrete slabs and planters, tile flooring, installing new lighting, new fire sprinkler lines, and Big Ass™ fans. CPS completed the metal ceiling framing, drywall, synthetic plaster, and decorative wall panels.

The improvements made were critical in serving Kauai’s visitors and residents alike, and will increase the airport’s efficiency and comfort for all who come through the State’s fourth busiest airport. The current contract amount is $8,119,560 with change order proposals to be finalized.