Nihi Kai Villas

Nihi Kai Villas, a vacation rental in Poipu, Kauai, planned for a renovation over several years. When initial bids came in over-budget, Shioi Construction was invited to bid on this project and collaborated closely with the Nihi Kai Villas Association to customize carpentry repair details, develop specific scopes of work for each building, and work within their budget. In the process, it was discovered that the project’s roofing permits had expired. Shioi Construction consolidated the roofing plans with the carpentry repairs, and applied for and obtained the roofing and building permits, which expedited the timeline. In 2020, Shioi Construction and the Association agreed to do a T&M contract for one building as a mock-up. In 2021, Shioi Construction entered into a GMP contract for $4.8 million, completed the work in 9 months, and came in 10% under budget. Project staff includes estimator and project manager Roy Shioi, project engineer Sheldon Sakai, project assistant Natalie Uchida, and superintendents Courtney Clark and Dustin Mundon.

Work Scope: Nihi Kai Villas consists of 40 condos (eight buildings), one pool building, and one BBQ pavilion. The work involved replacing all wood pickets and railings, upgrading stairs to building code, and replacing and adding stainless steel hurricane-ties. Shioi worked closely with Kokua Roofing, which replaced the existing roof with Boral roof tiles, including the addition of 3-1/2” insulation and 1/2” plywood, and Nakagawa Painting that completed the exterior painting.