Black Pot Beach Comfort Station

Shioi Construction, Inc., in partnership with YFH Architects, worked on the Black Pot Beach Park comfort station in Hanalei, Kauai. This was a Design-Build project for the County of Kauai after torrential rains washed away the existing comfort station.  The County specified the mobile trailers to avoid FEMA requirements of building the comfort station 8' high above the flood plain. The comfort station is a new, covered pavilion to accommodate two mobile restroom trailers, one utility sink, and supporting infrastructure. If and when a natural disaster approaches, the trailers can be hauled away to a safe location. The trailers are from AMS Global in Arizona. The exteriors are aluminum clad. The interiors have a vinyl coin flooring and aluminum wainscot with stainless steel plumbing fixtures and toilet partitions. The utilities are hooked up by a one-inch water hose, a three-inch suction hose with cam locks, and a 30-amp electrical cord. The sewer system consists of a new septic system and leach field for the women's restroom and a modification to the existing system for the men's restroom. The septic system was designed by Esaki Surveying and built by subcontractor Earthworks Pacific, Inc. Roy Shioi is the project manager, Valmiki Davis is the superintendent, and Natalie Uchida is the project assistant.

Work Scope: The scope of work consists of the construction of the new covered pavilion, sidewalks, and three new ADA parking stalls. The pavilion consists of seven 5' x 5' x 1.5' thick concrete footings with 5'-wide tie beams connecting all footings, concrete pedestals, concrete SOG, 5-score CMU block columns, glu-lam beams, 2x10 rafters, plywood sheathing, stainless steel Simpson hurricane-ties and custom brackets, Hardie soffit ceilings, and Hardie board and trims. There is corrugated metal roofing with Durapon 70 PVDF, which is a special coastal environmental coating. Special features include screen walls and a double gate by Knotwood.