Shioi Honored with Tetsuro "Rosy" Maeda Award

The Contractor's Association of Kauai (CAK) recently awarded Conrad Murashige and Shioi Construction with the 2018 Tetsuro “Rosy” Maeda Member of the Year Award for contributions made to the community. The following is the full script from the award presentation:

"The Tetsuro “Rosy” Maeda Member of the Year Award for contributions made to the community and CAK is being awarded to a company and its president this year who backed up years long concerns about the future of the construction industry and the loss of some of Kaua’i’s brightest and most skilled to other industries or jurisdictions with positive action. An opportunity to do something about this brain drain took place earlier this year when the honoree was asked to chair the first ever Kauai Construction Career Day program for Kauai’s intermediate and high school students. He agreed to take on the challenge and from there it was all hands on deck for his Kauai staff and employees. After more than six months of planning, fund raising and meetings, about 400 students and their teachers converged on the campus of Kauai Community College in September. Company employees from the field were pulled to help set up and break down the venue at a considerable cost to the company.

The children of the company’s founder also established a scholarship program administered by CAK that provides $4,000 in scholarships to students pursuing careers in the construction industry and the family requested that up to $2,000 of those funds be used to provide scholarships to students enrolled in trades programs at Kauai Community College.

This year the company’s staff assisted with the scholarship golf tournament as volunteers and golfers; several key staffers assisted with the review of the proposed Energy Conservation Code ordinance that is before the County Council; and this company provided financial resources to help CAK and the Kauai Board of Realtors sponsor a meet and greet program for the Mayoral and County Council finalists.

Tonight, a grateful association and hundreds of appreciative public school students would like to thank Conrad Murashige and Shioi Construction for providing leadership to strengthen and grow the construction industry. Conrad, please come forward to accept the Tetsuro “Rosy” Maeda Member of the Year award from Rosy’s children, Russell Maeda and Gale Domingsel. We want to also acknowledge the attendance of Rosy’s other son, Darryl and grandson Derek who are here in the room this evening."

Photo credit: Dustin Moises