Shioi Donates $15,000 to Wilcox Health

Photo credit: Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island (l-r:  Ken & Betsy Greenbaum, Roy Shioi, Jen Chahanovich, Val Tokuuke, Andy Bestwick, Dr. Jeffrey Cronk)

Shioi Construction recently donated $15,000 to Wilcox Health to match funds given by generous donors Ken and Betsy Greenbaum and used toward a purchase of the first blood irradiator for Kauai. It currently takes 24 to 48 hours to get irradiated blood to Wilcox and it has a very short shelf life. During a recent trauma event involving several seriously injured patients, cancer patients at Wilcox agreed to give up the irradiated blood that had been flown to Kauai for them to instead provide emergency transfusions for the trauma patients. Click here to read the full article that appeared in The Garden Island.